What to Do When Death Occurs

Whenever and wherever a death occurs, Ralph Schugar Chapel and its compassionate staff are always available to assist and counsel you. Death requires the surviving family to cope with many emotions and decisions. When a death has occurred, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately so that our staff can inform and guide you through the process of making all the necessary arrangements.

412-621-8282 or toll-free at 1-888-621-8282

What To Do When A Death Occurs Away from Home:

Our professional expertise is available to you 24 hours a day. When death occurs away from home, we are both your advisor and your agent, working with other professionals long-distance, and coordinating the many services required. We belong to a nationwide association of funeral directors (NFDA) as well as the Jewish Funeral Directors of America (JFDA), which greatly enhances our ability to efficiently coordinate the legal and practical details of a death away from home, including:

  •     Moving the deceased from the place of death
  •     Preparation of the deceased for transporting to the home area
  •     Arranging for all required documents and permits in the city where death occurred.
  •     Arranging airline space (or other appropriate transportation) for the deceased.
  •     Transporting the deceased to the airport and ensuring the deceased is shipped properly.
  •     Beginning arrangements or services.
  •     Notifying newspapers to keep local residents informed

Once the deceased has arrived in the Pittsburgh area, Ralph Schugar Chapel will transport the deceased from the local airport to our funeral home and begin all necessary preparations for the final disposition.

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