Historical Background

Ralph Schugar Chapel and The Ryave Family: 
A History of Helping Families

Founded in 1919 by Ralph Schugar in Pittsburgh's Hill District, then the heart of Western Pennsylvania Jewry, Ralph Schugar Chapel followed the waves of Jewish emigration east, re-locating in Shadyside, in its own dignified Tudor-style building, in 1937.

Marked from the beginning by extraordinary compassion and full service, and a deep understanding of the needs of grieving families, Ralph Schugar Chapel has been operated since the 1970s by three generations of the Ryave family. Beginning with Jacob E. Ryave, who served as funeral director until his death in 1978, and his son, Arnold Ryave, who served in the same capacity until his death in 1985, Ralph Schugar Chapel has maintained the highest standards of care and commitment to the Jewish community.

Serving the entire Western Pennsylvania Jewish community, Ralph Schugar Chapel accommodates all denominations -- Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, and unaffiliated families -- in English as well as Russian. Offering a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches and materials, Ralph Schugar Chapel also is completely wheelchair accessible and is specially equipped for the hearing impaired. Working with all families, in all price ranges, Ralph Schugar Chapel provides the finest care and most compassionate service available to our community.

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