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Why Choose a Family-Owned Firm?
Funeral Etiquette
Warning Signs To Watch For When Shopping for a Pre-Need Funeral or Burial Plan
Pre-Planning A Funeral...Your Right to Choose
The Jewish Funeral Guide
The Jewish Funeral in Contemporary Life
Bereavement Support Group
Jewish Cemetery and Burial Association of Greater Pittsburgh
Cremation Options
Suicide in the Young: A How To Be Helpful Before It's Too Late
Death Away From Home
So Much To Think About (An Activity Book For Children)
"Talk To God... I'll Get The Message" (To help a young person understand dying and death)
How to Explain Death To Children by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, D.D.
Helping Children Cope With the Death of a Loved One
Helping Children... Cope With Death
Talking With Young Children About Death from Fred Rogers
The Grief of Preschoolers and the Questions They Ask
Responding To Children In Grief and The Questions They Ask
Questions Grieving Children Ask
Questions Grieving Teens Ask
Caring For Yourself As You Care For Your Grieving Child