Peter M. Oresick
September 3, 2016

ORESICK, PETER M. On Saturday, September 3, 2016. First spied Stephanie Flom, his adoring wife, while moving into Pitt's Litchfield Towers in 1973, and would make her swoon for the next 43 years. Published 10 poetry books, taught at four universities, and, in 1996, took his sons to Cleveland for a WWF event he disapproved of. If devotion to family were a sport, he would've been suspected of doping. His patience was endless, grammar flawless, and hair lustrous. His loved ones will never be whole, but all stimuli reminds them of an instance he made them feel wonderful. Once scored 18 points in a high school basketball game.  Arrangements entrusted to Ralph Schugar Chapel, Inc.


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