Ivan Goldberg
December 14, 2019

Funeral Information

December 22 2019 - 9:00 am
Temple Sinai Memorial Park, 7740 Saltsburg Road, Plum Boro 15239

Everyone may meet at Ralph Schugar Chapel, Inc., 5509 Centre Avenue, Shadyside at 8 am and then proceed to Temple Sinai Memorial Park

Ivan Goldberg passed away peacefully on Saturday, December 14th at 11:44pm in Sarasota, Florida at the blessed age of 89 years old. Ivan was born in June of 1930 at Beth El hospital in Brooklyn, NY to Nat and Sadie Goldberg. As a child, Ivan was a voracious reader and used to walk two miles to the public library where he’d check out books and then read them during his walk home, only to repeat the same exact sequence the next day. This was how he fell in love with history. Ivan became a Bar Mitzvah in an Orthodox Synagogue, and discovered his love of singing during the Shabbat services; although he grew to not agree with the religiosity of Orthodox Judaism, he would always feel a kinship with all Jews all over the world participating in ancient rituals, and Judaism remained a large part of his and his family’s life. Ivan graduated high school when he was 17, right before he met his beloved and dynamic wife, Bernice (Bebe) who, 15 at the time, was recovering from rheumatic fever. The young couple in love eloped a couple of years later and settled in Astoria, NY, where their first two children were born, Jacqueline and Roy. While working full time at the Department of Welfare and raising soon-to-be three children, Ivan worked his way through night classes at CCNY over a period of ten years, majoring in Physics, which ultimately lead him to Pittsburgh via a job offer in the nuclear physics department at Westinghouse, where he would later be a key engineer of new software and tools that helped predict corrosion behavior in operating steam generators that would service the Navy for years to come. It was here in Pittsburgh where his third child was born, Nancy. Ivan was not just a dedicated father and husband; he also deeply invested himself in local democratic politics, and also the Jewish community. Ivan loved to sing—you could name any word and, grinning, he’d immediately begin singing a song containing that word—he loved to eat, he loved to travel, he loved to write, he loved to spend time with his grandchildren. After retirement, he wrote handfuls of comedic Purim adaptation musicals for his synagogue, which he also starred in—e.g. The Lion King Purim; 1920’s Jazz Purim; The Beatles Purim; Elvis Purim. Ivan was a film connoisseur, a Charlie Chaplin scholar. Ivan was quiet but full of light; he knew how to enjoy life and never stopped learning and creating. He really cared about people and he had such a big heart that he never failed to extend to those around him. Ivan is survived by his brother Barry (Roni) and his three children: Jacqueline Nagelberg (Larry), Roy Goldberg, and Nancy Zampella (Mark), as well as his two grandchildren, Rachel and Michael Nagelberg. He will be deeply missed by his family and his community. Friends may meet at Ralph Schugar Chapel, Inc., 5509 Centre Avenue, Shadyside, on Sunday at 8 am and then proceed to Temple Sinai Memorial Park for 9 am graveside services. www.schugar.com


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My love and condolences go out to my dearest friend and her family. Ivan was a wonderful father and grandfather.

By Rochelle Jacobs - December 21, 2019

So very sorry for your loss. I remember your dad as if it was yesterday. He was always smiling and so warm and friendly. Sending love, hugs and thoughts to Jackie and Roy and your families. Your were blessed with an amazing dad and may He Rest In Peace. Love you 🙏💜

By Sheri Doehler - December 20, 2019

Sending many thoughts and prayers to my friend Jackie and her family at the passing of her father, Ivan Goldberg. I have very fond memories of his kindness and humor while visiting the Goldbergs during Jackie and my college years. I’m so sorry for your loss, Jackie. Condolences to you and your family.

By Krista Creekpaum - December 17, 2019